Sunday 20/01/2019


  • Try removing diagonal from optical train
  • Recalibrate PHD2 after adjustments of RA gear
  • Field test ‘biscuit tin’ control computer


  • Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, UK
  • Class 4 bottle


So finally there’s a bit of clear sky to bed in my new kit (shame it will be cloudy by the time the super wolf blood moon starts it’s eclipse). This includes my new ‘biscuit tin’ control computer and my latest attempt at dialling down the backlash in my RA gear.

I had a try last week but it was far to windy for anything to settle.

So item 1. I wanted to have a try at removing my diagonal from the optical train and replacing it with extenders so I can make the telescope a bit lighter. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough extension tubes so I’ve left the diagonal in.

Item 3. I’ve brought a small single board computer to sit next to my telescope and basically run all my windows software (via remote desktop) and connect inside via Wi-Fi. The whole thing sits in a small biscuit tin, hence my pet name. The whole computer runs off a 2A 12v supply so it will run off my Powertank with a 12v USB adaptor (rather than running of the 1.5A USB outputs on the Powertank). Everything seems to work well and I’ll post the details of the setup.

Item 2. Calibration seems to have worked OK and the backlash is a bit better. Time will tell.

As a test I managed to get about 17 60s exposures to stack of M42 as a test before the cloud closed in again.


ES APO 80mm – f/6 – GPCAM3 – EQ3-2 Pro – 10m single exp

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