Saturday 1/9/2018


M27 second of two nights. 2 or 3 minute exposures.


  • Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, UK
  • Class 4 Bortle


  • 15% med to low cloud between 9pm and 10pm otherwise clear.
  • Wind around 7kph.
  • Temp Around 18C.


Tonight isn’t going exactly to plan but better than last night.
Last night I didn’t have any trouble with guide setup, tonight it’s caused nothing but trouble. Guess I’m going to have to reserve a night soon to sort it out.
At one point, since I was having no luck taking anything over about 45s, I decided to do a bit of lucky imaging. 15s x 240 – max gain on the camera. I’ve quickly stacked about 50 of them and it doesn’t look half bad.

M27 – Test Stack – 15s x 50 – Max Gain – GPGAM3

For got measure after this run (and another attempt at M27 with a longer exposure) I tried NGC7635.


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