How to date a petrol station

I am probably unique in having a large number of family photos which revolve around a petrol station (well possibly not unique but quite unusually). My family owned a garage for 47 years and I have approximately 300 photos dating from 1928 to 1977 which I’d like to date.
Now some I have guesses for based on the people in the photo, age etc but I thought I might be able to confirm some of these guesses with other elements in the photo so here we go:

  • Regent (Petrol), a name used by Texaco in Britain from 1947 to 1967. [Ref] 
  • Barclaycard is launched in 1966. [Ref]
  • Pictures featuring a mini must be on or after 1959.[Ref]
  • Licence Plates [Ref].