October 2020

Wetness and COVID-19

  • Nik 

So, clouds and rain have prevalied for the last few weeks and look like they will for at least the next week. HoHum.

So I should have a to do list:

  • Sort out HEQ5 mount
  • Finish processing stuff I have taken but haven’t gotten round to processing yet (This is now a vanisingly small set of data now)
  • Wait for COVID-19 test result to come back (I feel fine but felt iffy the end of last week so better safe than sorry.)

As for the HEQ5 I have a feeling that it’s the worm gears but I’d like some way to test them without using up valuable sky time. I may try and setup a fake star with a laser so I can use PhD’s star cross test (well it worked in a privious life with AO! What could go wrong 😉 )