First light on ASI1600MM Pro

So Saturday night was clear, not great seeing, but clear so I’ve now tried out my new camera. Moon was up for the first half of the night but down after about midnight.

Got focus rough;y working in the day with my ED80APO and a bizarre mixture of spacers. Also dropped my computer rig into a new smaller waterproof box.

Everything went off to start with without to much trouble. Took some Ha frames of the Soul Nebula which didn’t seem to go to badly.

Trouble started after I got near the meridian. Got some strange star trailing effects, like pointing the scope a Polaris and turning the tracking off. Guiding seemed to be fine. Turned out I hadn’t screwed up the spacers tight enough and the weight of the camera and focuser had managed to make the threads slip so the camera was moving as the mount moved 🙁

I’m still going to process them as a bit of practice but I’ll need another couple of nights I suspect to get anywhere decent at this.

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