Beginning of the Year Blues

Predictability there hasn’t been a lot of clear sky lately. I managed to get a bit of clear sky in February and a bit more this month but nothing spectacular. I’m a bit behind in processing my images but will post when I’ve finished.

Three bits of news:

Thing one: To fill in the cloudy nights I've taught myself basic PCB board layout and got two boards made for my heater controller and sensors. One day I may publish the results but I have to get clearance from my employers before I can do that. I'm pretty sure that over the years it would have been cheaper for me to buy some off the shelf focusers, dew heater controller, etc. but where's the fun in that!
Thing two: I've been trying out AstroPixelProcessor for stacking and am majorly impressed. I now can't quite decide if I want to fork out £60 quid a year for a subscription (and get updates) or pay the full price. Either way it seems to work well enough for me to squander some money :-)
Thing three: I'm moving house on the 15th April so tonight may be the last time I use my rig in Cottenham. We're only moving up the road (from Bortle 4 to Bootle 5 unfortunately) but on the upside the back garden is further away from the road and doesn't have street lights at scope level wherever I look. There's a nice flat area right at the bottom of the garden waiting to receive my astro shed, I'm just hoping it won't be to much hassle to take apart and move.

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