Nik Looker BSc(Hons), PhD(Dunelm), MIET

I’ve worked in the fields of Firmware, Embedded Applications, Distributed Systems, and Operating Systems both commercially and academically for over 30 years. I received a BSc in Computing from Oxford Brookes University in 1993 and a PhD in Computer Science from Durham University in 2006. All very interesting I hear you cry.

But as a little boy I wanted to be an astronomer after watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. Shame I failed my Physics ‘A’ Level and Maths ‘A’ level (twice). Rather put pay to that idea you’d think.

Over the years I’ve worked at an International Physics Laboratory and for a 5 star rated University Physics Department. I’ve been part of building optical astronomy instruments used at some top observatories.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

But all good things come to an end (thank you world economic crisis and UK coalition government) so these days the nearest I get to a telescope is in my light polluted back garden.

Very relaxing though 🙂